March 16, 2010

SoCal kicker starting to attract interest

Like a good relief pitcher, a kicker is often overlooked when it comes to winning games. As much as nailing a 50 yard field goal to win a game elevates a kicker's profile in college however, finding one who can make the kick consistently is quite a challenge for college coaches.

For strong-legged Corona (Calif.) kicker Ryan Felix, making field goals around the country has started to attract attention from major Division I programs.

"I haven't got a whole lot of recognition until I went out to that Kohl's (Kicking) camp," Felix said. "I did really well. I was able to go to the national combine in Florida and did really well there too.

"I hit a 78 yard kickoff and I averaged a 74 yard kickoff. My hang times were all about four seconds. On my field goals, I actually missed my first field goal in the double elimination but I made everything else from 40 yards out. I made s 53 yard (field goal) and we went to 56 yards and that was where I (finally) missed.

"I tied for second but I was the only one kicking off the ground."

While the recruiting process for special teams players like kickers is very different from those of a normal position player, several schools have conveyed interest in the big 6-foot-3 Felix.

"At this point I know New Mexico is interested," he said. "Other than that, USC sounds interested and Washington sounds interested too."

With top flight programs' interest, Felix is looking at several factors to help choose where he will play.

"Kickers are always going to kick at every school," he said. "It would be really great to go to such a good program such as USC, Washington or wherever. I'm also really interested in academics because I have really good grades. My GPA is like 4.2 so I want to go to a school that has a really strong program in what I want to major in. I'm leaning towards Biology or Math but I don't know yet.

"It would be really great to think about playing somewhere close to home but the door is always open. I'd be willing to go all over the country, it just depends. I'd really have to talk about it with my parents but there are benefits either way."

Kicking camps are often held early in the summer so Felix has been busy looking for camps to help raise his profile even more.

"I was thinking of going to the USC camp in June," Felix said. "There's a scholarship camp Kohl's is having that I'll probably go to. I'll look into other schools and when their camps are. I really am looking at the Pac-10 schools because they're close to home." will continue to keep you updated on Felix's recruiting.

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