November 4, 2011

Recruit: It's a Young Team

Andrew Isaacs and his Manchester, Conn., team are 3-4 this season and struggling a little bit so the 2013 tight end who already has offers from Boston College and Connecticut can relate to the Eagles' difficulties.

Isaacs, a 6-foot-3, 230-pound recruit, was in attendance Thursday night when Florida State defeated Boston College and said in a way he understands how it feels when things just aren't going your way.

"I understand how it's going there because our season is getting pretty rough too," Isaacs said. "It's not like I'm done with them but I'm going to have to see what happens because who knows if it's going to be the same coaching staff if they keep losing like this."

Isaacs, who said he's been hearing more from Miami in recent weeks, said he had an enjoyable time at the game and that things were exciting early on before they started getting out of hand.

One thing that surprised Isaacs was the smaller amount of fans that stayed at the game and while that won't have a major influence on his decision it was something that caught him a little off guard.

"We ended up staying at the hotel later than we wanted so we got there in time for the game but we didn't get to eat or anything," Isaacs said. "We went on the field and we saw the band and then after that we went to go watch the game.

"It was an entertaining game. It was just that BC didn't play that great. I was shocked because I expected there to be more attendance but there wasn't as many people as I thought. For the early part, the crowd was into it and then they scored and then they kept scoring and it wasn't too great after that."

Prior to the game, Isaacs had a chance to talk with assistant coaches Dave Brock and Mike Siravo and then after the game the local prospect had a chance to see Siravo again but obviously everyone around the Boston College program was disappointed in the 38-7 outcome.

Isaacs said he still likes Boston College very much but he hasn't had a ton of contact with the staff throughout the season so he's playing the waiting game in his recruitment.

"After the game I talked to coach Siravo a little bit and he looked really disappointed," Isaacs said. "He said it's a really young team and they're trying to get better.

"The coaches over there I like them a lot because they're like a family but I don't talk to them as much as I used to earlier in the season so I don't know."

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