December 8, 2011

No rush for No. 1

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- John Beckham's office is in disarray.

Six months ago, it was clean, organized, even sterile. The only sign of impending chaos was a stack of recruiting letters, piled high on his desk. All were addressed to his son, Dorial Green-Beckham, the nation's top-ranked player according to

On a December Tuesday, his small office feels even smaller. Boxes of shoes teeter precariously on one of two waiting-room chairs set aside for visitors. Hillcrest football jersey's hang off the back of that chair, pressed as far into the corner as possible. The other chair is so close to the office door that it blocks the entrance. Dorial's equipment bag lies unzipped in front of the chairs, in front of Beckham's desk, filled with his Under Armor cleats, extra-large receivers' gloves, his jersey and a brittle, yellowed newspaper.

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