March 16, 2012

Quarterback still has interest in Rams

Littleton (Colo.) Heritage signal caller Ryan Novak is a well-known name throughout recruiting circles in the Centennial State, and senior-to-be has enjoyed contact from several Division 1 schools.

But two in particular have been in contact with Novak the most of late.

"I would say Boise State and Oklahoma State. I went out to Oklahoma State's junior day and talked to their quarterback coach with my dad in his office. He said he wants to fly out here and watch me throw a little bit and depending on that an offer would follow."

Novak, who has yet to claim a Division 1 offer, said he plans to camp at OSU again this summer as well as a host of other schools.

"I'm camping at Oklahoma State and Boise State for sure. I might be going to a camp out at Stanford and then I'm going to see when local camps (Colorado State and Colorado) fit in. I'm also going to try to get out to Tulsa and do Elite 11s and Nike SPARQs and stuff like that."

Novak hasn't heard as much from CSU's new staff, but did say, "I was supposed to meet with them after school one day, but they had a change of plans and met with (Heritage) Coach (Mike) Griebel instead during the school day."

Though Novak hasn't communicated much recently with the Rams' coaching staff, he maintains that there will be a mutual interest if communication does indeed pick up.

"Oh for sure - I'm liking how they got the (staff) change in there, and getting a head coach from one of the top teams in the nation, right now it's definitely going to be a team for me to watch this upcoming year.

"Depending on the date, I would be able to go to (Colorado State's) junior day."

He said he likes the in-state Rams and Buffaloes, but location likely won't play a factor in his decision.

"Location doesn't really matter to me. Anywhere I can play I'll go."

As a prototypical pocket passer, many college coaches have compared him to the NFL's Ben Roethlisberger.

"My strengths are a little bit different from most other high school quarterbacks because most of them are undersized and just run around, and I'm definitely not like that at all. I like to sit back in the pocket and use my arm to my advantage and my height to see over the linemen and pick defenses apart that way."

Novak said his pocket presence and footwork will need some tweaking to get even better.

"Right now I'm working on my escapability and quickness. I lost a lot of weight between my sophomore and junior years to get faster, and that helped me cut seven tenths off my forty time. Now I'm trying to get that weight back up through muscle gains so I can be a solid 230 pound quarterback," he said.

Novak grew up not cheering for any one school in particular because his father is a prominent referee on the Division 1 circuit, so it was hard for him to maintain bias toward certain schools. But he said, "Anywhere I can play is going to be my dream school."

Novak completed fifty-two percent of his passes for 2,226 yards and 23 touchdowns during his sophomore year, but followed that up with only 1,163 yards for 5 touchdowns and eleven interceptions during a disappointing junior year campaign.

"I'm not going to point fingers at anyone. I made some bad throws at times and there were some throws that I thought were catchable that just didn't end up that way. So it was just an up and down season and that reflected on my performance."

What are the experienced quarterback's goals for his senior season?

"I definitely want to have a winning record and make a run for the title. I also want to have fun while doing it since it will be my last year with those kids. It will be my last semester with all of them because I'm going to graduate early, so I want to go out on top and finish all the unfinished business that there is."

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