Ed Orgeron takes new title

USC announced that Ed Orgeron would be the interim head coach for the rest of USC's 2013 season. Orgeron discussed his team's future and his new position at a press conference on Sept. 29.
Orgeron discusses any major changes with the team:
"... I talked to [Pat Haden] about some of the things we do well and some of the things I think we can improve on. This just happened this morning, so we're going to have some lengthy discussions this week and I totally trust that we'll put a great product on the field."
Orgeron addresses concerns about team's attitude following the firing of Lane Kiffin:
"Well you know we want to play with some energy, we want our guys to believe and have a little fun. We're going to work on those things this week. I really think that one of the things we'll do as a staff is get really close to our players, circle the wagons a little, have a little fun these next eight games and let the chips fall where they may."
Will there be any changes at the quarterback position with Kiffin gone?
"I plan to stick with Cody (Kessler), I think he's earned his starting right. From what I saw in camp, I probably would have made the same decision as Lane Kiffin. None of the guys took the leading quarterback position by storm and we had to see who was going to perform in a game day atmosphere the best. Cody has proven that."
How will Orgeron, USC recruiting coordinator, head coach and defensive line coach, handle recruiting as an interim head coach?
"I'm going to tell them that we'll see what happens, but there's a great opportunity for a great education. USC has won many national championships, there's an opportunity to start and be a freshman All-American. There's a lot of great things about USC that are still here.
"Nothing's changed about USC. I know this about Mr. (Pat) Haden and Max Nikias, they're going to recruit the best available head football coach there is in the country to bring back a championship program to USC. I feel confident about that."
How does his experience at Ole Miss translate to USC?
"Days like today, speaking to the media, being able to handle a team, some good, some bad. How to react in adverse situations, how to go play LSU and Alabama, at LSU and Alabama, in a hostile environment. How to interact with all the players on the team as a head football coach, not just as a defensive line coach. How to interact and organize recruiting and all of that stuff. I feel like I'm prepared for it."
How open was Lane Kiffin to taking advice as a head coach
"He was very receptive. Very. His door was always open and I was able to talk to him about anything."
Will there be any change in policy about media attendance at practice and/or injury reports?
"Yes. We're going to try to open up practice. I'm going to try to talk to Tim (Tessalone) about compliance and then I'll talk to you about the other subject later (injury reports).
How does Orgeron compare his own side line demeanor and coaching stayle with Kiffin's?
"We're a little different. I'm not going to be calling plays. I don't call plays. Lane was calling plays and I always respected him as that. I'm going to bring some energy and excitement, high-fiving guys, having fun. It's what I like to do."
Did Orgeron have any contact with Kiffin after his dismissal?
"I texted him, he texted me back and I called him. They were very positive texts and I thanked him for all the things that he did for us."
Orgeron talks about his opportunity to be a head coach at USC
"All I've been told is that they want me to represent USC today and take this team. What can we do to get better today and take these eight games one game at a time. That's all I've been told and it's all I expect."
Orgeron discusses Clay Helton's ability as an offensive coordinator:
"I believe he called plays at Memphis and I went against him at Memphis when I was at Ole miss and I think he'll do a very good job for us.
Pat Haden press conference:
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