Final Fall Camp QB-Rating

The last open practice of USC fall camp 2013 is in the books. See how the final QBR score was impacted by Wednesday's scrimmage in the Coliseum.
Quarterback Analysis by Ryan Abraham:
The biggest difference between Wednesday's Coliseum scrimmage and just about every other practice from camp was the competition each quarterback faced.
Normally at practice the QB going with the first string offense would go against the first string defense. For the scrimmage each quarterback got reps with the first team offense but was always playing against the third string or scout team defense.
That lowered the QBR scores for each quarterback, getting a 20% hit for playing with a powerful offense and 20% hit for playing against a weaker defense. But since each quarterback played against the same competition, both of their scores were impacted in the same fashion.
Throwing for a higher percentage and with no interceptions, Max Wittek did a nice job of cutting into Cody Kessler's QBR lead. This deep into fall camp and with so many throws already recorded, it is hard to make a dent in one practice.
The final tally has Kessler about 6 points ahead of Wittek.
Will the QBR score correctly predict the starting quarterback like it did in 2009 with Matt Barkley? We are all waiting on Lane Kiffin's announcement to find out.
QB Notes:
Final touchdown and interception tally: Max Wittek with 19 TDs, 12 INTs and Cody Kessler with 22 TDs and 10 INTs.
Since the quarterbacks played against the same level of competition just about every practice this fall, the adjusted QBR numbers were almost identical to the unadjusted numbers. But if you look at Wednesday's numbers where one's played against the three's, Wittek's QBR was 167.10 while his adjusted QBR was 133.68. Same for Kessler, who scored 103.56 then adjusted to 82.85. Major differences, which is why we put that adjusted calculation in there in case quarterbacks picked on the scout team too much.
Wednesday Wittek was sacked once and threw one TD. Kessler was sacked once, threw two picks, had one pass dropped and a pair of touchdowns.
We hope you enjoyed our QB-Ratings. Thanks for reading and following along!
Stay tuned to for more QB-Ratings and analysis.
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