Five sit out for SC scrimmage

Andy Enfield planned to have a scrimmage with Pac-12 officials on Day 14 of but with so many key players missing, that idea was scrapped.
The referees are coming back later in the week when the Trojans are healthier and coach Enfield used today to see how his younger players would deal with significant playing time.
What happened on Day 14?: "We scrimmaged but we didn't have officials. We're postponing the scrimmage with officials until Saturday because we had five people out."
Who was out and why?: "Byron Wesley has a sprained ankle. Katin Reinhardt has soreness, nothing serious. D.J. Haley still hasn't been cleared. Pe'Shon Howard tweaked his ankle yesterday and Omar Oraby had an excused day off."
Are any of the injuries are serious?: "It's some preseason bumps and bruises, nothing serious. Other than D.J. being out for a few weeks everyone should be back the next couple of days."
How practice changed?: "The goals change when you're missing five players. Katin will be sitting out this year but four of those players will be playing for us this year so it depletes your roster a little bit."
His impressions of those that played: "I was impressed with the players that were here today and played. They did some nice things and I saw improvement in a few of them from last week, learning our system and when to try to make a play, when not too and making better decisions. I saw some improved decision making with a few of our players. I also saw some decision making that hasn't improved. Some of our freshmen need to keep working on that. The speed and physicality of the game is different when they're in high school, so they have to learn to make better decisions when they're put in a position where they're being bumped around or sped up. The changes I've seen is that some of the upperclassmen are making better decision when they're sped up and the freshmen are still learning it."
Any positives from missing so many guys?: "It gives guys an opportunity to compete for paying time and to see a whole scrimmage without coming out. It's very beneficial to our team. We need depth on our roster, we need to get young guys to come in and play for us this year. Putting them in game like situations helps at this point."
Impression of today's decision making: "We had about eight instances today where we made some really poor decisions that players just threw risky passes that should not have been thrown. It wasn't lobs or anything like that, they were just really poor decisions. That's what I'm talking about when they get sped up, it seems like they make poor decisions. It's not a skill thing right now for the freshmen, it's decision making, being able to read the action and make the appropriate play. Sometimes the appropriate play might be a simple chest pass to the wing versus and over the top pass in transition where they're trying to thread the needle."
Lessons taught from this practice: "Decision making is what we stressed after practice today. Once again they need to understand the time and situation and to read the floor. A lot of times we're making plays on the strong side of the floor when the weak side is open and a simple ball reversal would be the right play."
Practice stand outs: "J.T. Terrell played well today. His decision making was excellent. He didn't turn the ball over, he didn't force any shots, he penetrated when he needed to, he made the appropriate pass when he had to, he used his athleticism. Today I would say J.T. stood out because he was able play at a fast pace that wasn't of of control."
New plays: "We didn't have new plays today but we actually we got some good looks today off of the ones we introduced yesterday."
What plays are like when they're ran perfectly: "Plays are all scouted so you could have the best plays in the world but the other team is going to know your plays. What you need to do as a player is be able to read how the defense is overplaying. A great offensive team or player will understand that this is the play that's called, this is where I'm supposed to go but the defense is over playing me because they know our plays as well, so how do I make that readjustment to get open or get my teammate open. The great offensive teams or players understand how to do that. When I say it takes a while, when you put a new play in, our guys are so worried about being in the right spot versus making the adjustment. Over time they feel comfortable that they know the play and even when they make the adjustment, everyone else can follow in place and react to it. When you just put it in, everyone's trying to memorize it."
The plan for Day 15: "Tomorrow we're hoping to be healthy and get some of our guys back and keep progressing."
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