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Trojan offensive line recruiting has been a hot topic lately, and this week in the War Room we discuss the talented local products and JC players on USC's radar.
We also ask the coaching staff about USC's issues on 3rd and long, tell you what the team is doing differently on this trip to Oregon and explain how the SEC's NCAA issues could affect USC's appeal.
More details of what is inside:
We are counting down towards signing day for the class of 2011, but head coach Lane Kiffin has already extended numerous offers to class of 2012 juniors. We talk about some of those players on the rise that the Trojans are targeting in the War Room.
The offensive line will be a key position group for the Trojans on signing day. We have an update on a couple big name local offensive linemen USC is after, Lakewood's Torian White and Servite's Troy Niklas.
What is going on with USC's pass defense? We ask Trojan defensive backs coach Willie Mack Garza about giving up big plays on third and long and why the team doesn't incorporate more press coverage in those situations.
We chatted with defensive end Armond Armstead about what techniques he and his teammates use when taking on opposing offensive linemen.
With all the trouble brewing in SEC-land, what does that mean for the Trojan football program and their pending appeal? You might be surprised at the answer.
Trying to mix things up, the USC football team will alter where they are staying this weekend in Oregon. Two years ago the team arrived in Corvallis and looked asleep. Now Kiffin is doing what he can to make sure that doesn't happen again.
Ever wonder why Notre Dame's senior deputy director of athletics Missy Conboy, a member of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, was allowed to weigh in on what sanctions USC should receive? If so you should read the War Room this week.
Plus plenty more!
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