Trojan commit shocked

St. John Bosco defensive end Malik Dorton watched from home as an above average Sun Devil blew out USC by a final score of 62-41 in Tempe (Ariz.).
Dorton's impression was that the game was a tale of two halves.
"I watched the game," Dorton said. "I thought they played well in the first half and then the game just got away from them."
Even though most predicted a close, low scoring game, Dorton knows not listen to much to predictions.
"In a way I was surprised by a few things, but in a way I also wasn't," he said.
He was surprised though when he got a phone call early in the morning and found out about USC's decision to fire Lane Kiffin.
"Early this morning, a reporter called me to ask me about it and I didn't have any idea what he was talking about," Dorton said.
He isn't exactly excited by the decision to cut Kiffin's season short.
"I was just surprised and I think it really sucks," Dorton said.
He isn't sure where he would like to see the Trojans go in the coaching search.
"I don't know. I'm sure whoever they'll bring in will be a great coach but I really don't know what to say. I'm just a little bit shocked."
Hours after the decision happened, Dorton hasn't made any drastic decisions.
"For me, right now, it's the same thing," Dorton said. "The guys that have recruited me for USC are still there."
His plan is to wait until USC has a plan.
"I just have to wait and see what happens and see how it goes."
That won't prevent him from fielding calls from other schools or visiting Arizona State and Washington.
"I'm still committed to USC but I'm talking to other schools," Dorton said. "I'm still going to take my trips and do what I've been doing."
That process will still include the Trojans and he plans to visit their school soon.
"I might try to make the next game against Arizona on Thursday."
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