Byers decision will be very soon

Football fans who follow college recruiting want to know where Rivals.com's No. 1 ranked center, Jeff Byers, will play at the next level. He has revealed a list of eight schools that he has had under consideration, including USC. In fact, rumors have been rampant that the Trojans will be his ultimate choice. Instead of talking to Jeff Byers, we have taken the time to contact his coach at Loveland, Colo. We asked him specifically about the chances of a commitment to the Trojans.
“He has told me he is going back and forth emotionally,” coach John Poovey said. “I know he is very impressed with USC. They could the one. He has not said. There is a very good chance. USC is definitely in his top three. Things can change.”
Coach Poovey was not sure the other two schools might be, but his following comments might give one a clue.

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“He had good things to say about every school when he came back.”
He knows that after his visit to Ohio State in late August, Byers had them at the top.
The feelings were the same after his official trip to Iowa in mid-September. “He was raised in Iowa,” coach Poovey said.
However, the trip to Texas seemed to make the most impression on him.
“He wore a Texas hat at school,” coach Poovey said. “He had not done that before.” Coach Poovey said that Byers bought it while he was in Texas. He was wearing it all of the time at school, but “I have not seen him wear it lately.”
Two schools that are on his list of eight are Colorado and Nebraska.
Coach Poovey commented briefly about those two schools by saying, “He told me I don’t need to go to Colorado and Nebraska, as he had been there many times.”
Some have wondered if he might stay closer to his home in Colorado.
“Staying close to home is not a prime issue,” the coach said. “He was impressed with Colorado until the big schools began to show interest. His dad travels a lot and has frequent flier miles.”
One school was the favorite back in February or March.
“I asked him who was his dream school. Notre Dame was his dream school. After he came back from there (for the USC game 10/18) he didn’t say too much.”
“He is going to make it formal on Tuesday or Wednesday.”
Jason Suchomel of The-University.com (Texas-Rivals.com) did an interview with Jeff Byers on Oct. 26. In that interview Byers denied that he has set his mind on one school. He does say the announcement will be made on Wednesday. He was quoted as saying:
“Nobody knows. Everybody’s just guessing. That’s all it is.”
Please click HERE for the full interview done by Jason Suchomel.
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