Campbells Countdown

Times are changing for incoming freshman Jordan Campbell.
In less than a month,
the soon-to-be graduated Campbell will find himself on the campus of the University of Southern California, one of the elite football programs in the country, learning how to play a new position, adjusting to living on his own and tackling the next level of his education.
"It's just going to be another chapter in my life," said Campbell, who will make the switch from linebacker to fullback at USC. "I'll have to start all over like in high school, and get out on the field and make a name for myself. I can't wait to get out there, I'm counting down the days, and I'm ready to earn my spot."
Campbell, who is from nearby Norco High School, said that there's only one way to make that name for himself, "Just ball."
However, that makes Campbell sound like he is resting on his laurels, while his summer workouts prove that it is the farthest thing from truth.
During last weekend's Gridiron War All-Star Game at Long Beach Veterans Stadium, Campbell dominated.
"That kid is a beast," said Verbum Dei coach Owen Brown, who helped direct the East squad to a 44-0 win. "He plays sideline-to-sideline and goes all out on every play."
While honored as an all-star 10-times over, Campbell continues to work on becoming a better player.
"I've been working out really hard, trying to get my speed up," said Campbell, who will be rooming with freshman, and fellow communications major, Trey Henderson. "I'm going to get an opportunity to compete for a starting spot as a true freshman.
"My speed on defense is all about angles and how you attack the ball-carrier, on offense you have to work on your hips and lateral movement. I ran track this year just to try to get my 40 yard-dash time down and work on my side-to-side movements.
"I'm also following the USC training book that (Coach Carlisle) gave me. My workouts were already pretty tough, so it's not too much worse, but it's different, and I'm just getting used to that."
While he was recruited by USC as a linebacker, Campbell said that the move to fullback is for the best.
"I'd rather be on the field as a freshman, rather than be behind all the linebackers," He said. "We'll see about moving back maybe next year, but I'm already on the depth chart as a fullback."
Never lacking confidence, Campbell has some lofty goals for his freshman season.
"I want to be starting as a freshman, and make freshman All-American at fullback. Oh, and get into the endzone at least once."
Before all the personal goals, however, Campbell said that one thing has to be set straight within the city of Los Angeles.
"Everybody already knows who runs the (football) field in LA, so we're going to
be getting after it. Their quarterback better be ready, It's going to be nuts to get on the field against UCLA.
"I think it's going to be a blow out."
Stay tuned to as Jordan Campbell and the rest of the Trojans 2007 recruiting class enter in summer workouts.