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Fall Camp QBR - Day Two

A bit of a flip flop Sunday, as Matt Barkley performed better in the 7-on-7 period (going 15 for 15) while Aaron Corp had the better day during full team drills. Of course Barkley could have a worse day had two late passes been intercepted but he got lucky as the passes slipped through defenders' hands.
It's important to keep in mind that the numbers posted above are now the two day average for the quarterbacks as we hope to provide some added insight as to how the race is going on in practice throughout camp. We're also introducing two new things to keep in mind with Yards per Completion and Yards per Attempt. These are two indicators of how willing a quarterback is to look downfield and more accurately reflect how a quarterback is playing.
The yardage on Sunday was significantly less than what it was on day one of Fall Camp as the team worked mostly within 15 yards of the line. In fact, there were only eight passes that were even attempted over 20 yards, so look for those numbers to rise and fall depending on the focus of the day. While the catch of the day was a nice fly route from Barkley to David Ausberry, Corp showed good accuracy and had several nice passes on corner routes.
As Pete Carroll proclaimed, the defense certainly had the upper hand Sunday after the offense clearly won the day on Saturday. We'll see how much that changes when the players put on the pads later in the week and if the numbers rise or fall for the quarterbacks.
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