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Lane Kiffin and the Trojans are hosting two major camps this weekend, giving his staff the opportunity to evaluate top prospects from the class of 2013 first hand. In the War Room we discuss who those prospects are, provide a Pat Haden update and plenty more.
More details of what is inside:
With the Trojans looking to sign one more receiver for the class of 2013, the battles this weekend at the USC Skills Camp could determine who becomes that last piece of the puzzle for Lane Kiffin.
Now that five-star athlete Su'a Craves has committed, Mission Viejo (Calif.) safety Max Redfield looks like the next huge target on USC's board. More info on his recruitment in the War Room.
Could USC get another top prospect out of SEC country? An update on Nashville (Tenn.) four-star defensive back Jalen Ramsey.
From Tennessee to Texas, we have an update on a pair of prospects the Trojans are after in Longhorns territory.
Where do the USC scholarship numbers now stand with the transfer of quarterback Jesse Scroggins.
Could USC be the subject of a "Hard Knocks" type of show? Remember, the motto is Prep not Hype.
Hard to argue with the results USC athletic director Pat Haden and produced over the past couple of years. But what lies ahead for Mr. Haden?
Plus plenty more!
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