Presenting the War Room

After USC received pledges from two of the top running backs in the country this week, we analyze the aftermath on the recruiting front in the War Room, including who could be next up for the Trojans.
More details of what is inside:
The USC recruiting class of 2013 is filling up fast with Ty Isaac and Justin Davis committing this week. But there is no rest for Lane Kiffin and his staff, they are far from done.
With Moreno Valley (Calif.) four-star wide out Demorea Stringfellow getting an offer this week, it changes the entire receiver recruiting landscape for the Trojans.
More tidbits on Stockton (Calif.) running back Justin Davis picking USC.
The latest on Notre Dame transfer cornerback Tee Shepard.
Information on offensive line recruits, including one UCLA commit the Trojans are coming after.
An interesting twist from the Todd McNair vs. the NCAA case.
Plus plenty more!
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