Presenting The War Room

In our Valentine's Day version of the War Room we discuss the Class of 2015's "Big-3" prospects in Southern California and even have a Todd McNair vs. the NCAA lawsuit update.
More details of what is inside:
The class of 2015 has its own version of the "Big-3" that USC is after, and they all play on the defensive line.
The Trojans are after a junior defensive end, who just so happens to be from Adoree' Jackson's hometown.
The Target Lists have a new category for the hybrid "Rush end" used in Justin Wilcox's defense.
The myth of speed on the USC basketball team.
You have been asking for updates on the Todd McNair/NCAA lawsuit and we finally have one.
USC is adopting a new, up-tempo offense thanks to Steve Sarksian but will the NCAA now outlaw them?
More information on the delays in the USC players-only practices this winter.
Plus plenty more!
The one rule we have for the War Room is simply that everything that is reported here should stay here and on The Peristyle. Sometimes the info is sensitive enough that it simply does not need to be passed on beyond the doors of this thread.
Please honor this request and we will continue to do our best to provide all of our subscribers with a great perspective on the program.
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