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Ricky Town competing at the Elite11

Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure four-star quarterback and USC commit Ricky Town spent the past three days spinning it at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp.
"It's been great," Town said. "It's been life-changing, really. The first day they had us do all this military stuff and that was really cool. I've never done something that hard. It's good to refer back to when things get challenging and just remember that I got through that. The second day we got to throw and stuff. It was just great to be out here again. I'm just learning a lot and having fun with it.
"Yesterday was more like physical stuff on the field, like throwing stuff. Today was more low-key. We threw in the redzone. We were in groups and each group for each player had six reps in the redzone. We had one station where we talked to Doctor and then we had one where we went over the reads and stuff with the X going."
While each quarterback only got six throws in during Monday's workout, Town made the most of his reps.
"I think I did really well," Town said. "I scored two touchdowns within the six and so I was pretty happy with that. I think I did a good job of sticking with the reads, dinking and dunking it."
Former Super Bowl champion quarterback Trent Dilfer has helped to make this camp a great experience for Town.
"Yeah, definitely," Town said. "I'm learning a lot. I know a lot of people say that I'm advanced with the mental side, but I feel like you can always progress. So I'm just learning a lot, bouncing stuff off Trent, and it's been really great."
With so many other great signal callers out on the field, the competition level is extremely high.
"I mean, we're all competing," Town said. "That's why we're here. These are all the best quarterbacks in the country. It's fun to see where you compare, let it rip, and have fun."
Many of the quarterbacks at the Elite 11 are already committed to schools, so naturally some pre-college trash talk can be heard out on the field.
"A little bit," Town said. "Especially between me and Josh [Rosen], because he's a UCLA guy. We're looking forward to being in the big time like that, playing against each other, and enjoying that rivalry. It's fun, though. It's good, competitive fun."
With the Elite 11 over and The Opening kicking off Tuesday, Town is ready to put his recruiting cap on and try to bring in some prospects for the Trojans.
"Oh, for sure," Town said. "When I committed, that's what they told me that they wanted. Definitely [Equanimeous] St. Brown, Christian Kirk, and we're trying to get Ray-Ray McCloud."
Town's sales pitch got a recent upgrade from Pat Haden.
"One of the biggest things that just happened recently was the four-year scholarship," Town said. "So, that's huge. Also, the coaching staff is new and I think they're a great coaching staff. Coach Sark did big things with Washington and with the athletes at USC, he's going to do really big things. we're also coming off the sanctions and I think we survived those extremely well. We're going to be deadly without those. The offense is up-beat, fast. There's a lot of plays, everyone gets the ball, and lastly is the education. Even if football doesn't work out, having a USC degree is life-changing and opens a lot of doors. Those are really the main things I've talked about."
Are those four-year scholarships a big deal out on the recruiting trail?
"I'm going to say yes and no," Town said. "I think the majority of the athletes are kinda like, 'oh, whatever.' I think to a parent, that's a really big deal; to know that they have the security of four years rather than one. So, I think it's a huge advantage."
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