Sanchez in the clear

The bad news for the Trojan football team seemed to come in waves after the Rose Bowl.
Now the team, and specifically quarterback Mark Sanchez, is finally experiencing a positive resolution to what became a very public problem. The sexual assault allegations against Sanchez have been dropped by Los Angeles County prosecutors.
The news hit the wires on Friday that prosecutors have decided to not file charges against Sanchez due to a lack of evidence according to NBC channel 4 in Los Angeles.
The 19-year-old quarterback was arrested in April and instantly the entire college football world knew about the scandal.
However, after the charges were filed all of the rumblings on campus pointed to the fact that none of the witnesses' stories collaborated with the tale that the young woman told police.
Couple that with Sanchez's reputation of being one of the nicest guys on the team, and it was enough to make most fans wonder if there was truly any fire behind this smoke screen.
Now the fire is out with Sanchez being cleared of all charges.
Mark has been on campus, was allowed to take finals and has been attending summer school. But while his coursework is on schedule, Sanchez could still see some forced time on the bench.
The most probable punishment to be handed down from Pete Carroll is a 2-game suspension, but nothing is certain at this stage.