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Send us your questions for Fred Davis

Next up on "Ask a Trojan" is the guy who has done more than anyone this season to raise his draft stock and attempt to stabilize the passing game -- tight end Fred Davis.
Twice this season, he has set the record for single-game receiving yards by a USC tight end, including Saturday's five-catch, 152-yard performance in a losing effort against Stanford.
To continue the success of this feature, we once again need your help.
Send us an email (Jon@USCFootball.com) with a question for Fred, and remember, it can be about anything -- from thoughts on his rocketing draft status, to providing leadership for a young receiving corps, to how many times a day he brushes his teeth.
We'll choose a mix of about 10 to ask him. Just don't forget to include your FIRST NAME and HOMETOWN.
We've been having a lot of fun with this, and the players have had fun answering your questions. So keep 'em coming!