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Shaw named in police report has confirmed that USC senior cornerback Josh Shaw has been named in a Los Angeles Police Department report. The report details a break-in on Saturday night in which a suspect was witnessed jumping out a three-story balcony.
L.A. Police spokeswoman Liliana Preciado said two Los Angeles police officers responded to a complaint Saturday evening from a resident at the Orsini Apartments alleging that a female in the neighboring room was screaming for help.
Preciado said the officers arrived at Orsini Building One, located on the west side of North Figueroa Street and the home to many USC students, at around 10:40 p.m. She said LAPD got no response after announcing itself and knocking on the door of the third-story unit where the screams reportedly came from.
Witnesses described the suspect: "They saw a black male with dreadlocks leave the apartment from the balcony," Preciado said the police report reads.
Preciado said the officers then broke the door open and searched inside, but no one was there. A female resident who lives in the unit surfaced in the hallway shortly thereafter. She identified Josh Shaw as her boyfriend and said he matched the description of the man witnesses said jumped off the balcony. The third story is about 20 feet high from the ground.
"The person that lives in that apartment returned and talked about her roommates and her boyfriend, who she identified as Josh Shaw," Preciado said. "The victim's boyfriend had a similar description to the suspect seen leaving the apartment -- male, black, with dreadlocks. She said, That's my boyfriend."
Preciado said the department is still investigating whether the resident of the unit in question was the female screaming in the room. No stolen belongings were reported but police say her window had been pried open.
"The investigation is still ongoing," Preciado said. "At this point there is no named suspect on the report. Josh Shaw is only named as the boyfriend of the resident."
USC says Shaw has been adamant over the past three days that he sprained both his ankles Saturday while jumping from a two-story balcony to save his nephew from drowning at a family social function.
Shaw, 22, told Coach Steve Sarkisian on Sunday he was injured at his cousin's Palmdale apartment after jumping off a balcony onto concrete to save his 7-year-old nephew. It is about a 65-mile drive to Palmdale from the USC campus, where Shaw was announced as a captain while attending a team event on Saturday that concluded between 9-9:30 p.m..
On Monday, the Trojans' official website published a story detailing Shaw's heroic exploits, which quickly drew national attention and praise.
Shaw did not attend USC's practice Tuesday morning and was not made available to the media -- the school had previously said he would be. Sarkisian instead announced that school officials were investigating the situation after receiving several messages contradicting the report.
The first-year coach stated during a Tuesday evening radio show that USC does not know all the facts yet. The Trojans are practicing Wednesday morning.
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