The War Room

With the USC Rising Stars Camp come and gone, we have the behind the scenes fallout in this week's War Room.
We discuss in detail quarterback Jesse Scroggins and the possibilities of him being a Lakewood package deal.
We also saw Joe McKnight at corner this summer, but what other players could succeed on the opposite side of the ball?
More details of what is inside:
One of the standouts from the USC Rising Stars Camp was Lakewood quarterback Jessie Scroggins. We breakdown his scholarship offer worthy performance and also checked him out later at a 7-on-7 tournament at Long Beach Poly.
Speaking of Scroggins, he is best pals with a four-star safety he has known since childhood. We explain how these two could be a package deal and why that could be a great thing for USC.
We address the rumors of Scroggins silently committing to USC after he was offered by Pete Carroll. We also explain some true silence that occurred shortly after his offer was given out.
Decision time for the Lakewood standouts was supposed to be in July. Now it appears that timeline could be changing and we have the details in the War Room.
Another potential package deal involves the Grimble cousins out of Nevada. With one already committed to USC, UCLA made a push to go after both of them. We tell you what Pete Carroll did to counter that tactic in the War Room.
The deep numbers at safety of the Rising Stars Camp appeared to have soured the experience for one of the guys further down the rotation.
We have the details on what could be the first offensive line commitment coming up very soon.
USC is well stocked at tailback for the class of 2010, but two Texas running backs could muddy the waters a bit. One was a standout at the RSC, but if he receives an offer would that put one of the committed players on the fence?
Joe McKnight showed off this week playing cornerback and playing it well. We look at some of the other players who could have great success on the other side of the ball.
One impressive freshman that arrived on campus and took part in team drills is defensive end Devon Kennard. We have the crazy reaction one of the veterans on the team had to seeing him on his very first play.
Plus plenty more!
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