The War Room

In the Halloween version of the War Room we give you the inside scoop on the Reggie Bush saga and what could be in store for USC.
We also update the latest Trojan NFL draft buzz, including a couple of high profile juniors.
Finally, we are all over the latest recruiting news, including this weekend's official visitors.
More details of what is inside:
Projections of what could happen to both Reggie Bush and USC and when the situation could be resolved.
We talked play-action passing this week, so how can white tape help the fake?
The coaches weigh in on where some of the top Trojans will end up in the NFL Draft.
How will the injury to Averell Spicer shake up the defensive line?
The Rose Bowl is always the goal, but is that really what the players want?
More recruiting updates including an Oakland 2010 prospect that dispels a rumor about dropping USC.
Plus plenty more!
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