Ty Isaac will transfer

USC tailback Ty Isaac made a cross country trip to join the Trojans back in 2013 but now because of family health issues, he'll head back to the Midwest.
"I've been released from my scholarship at USC," Isaac said. "It was based on a family decision. My mom isn't well so I wanted to be closer to my family."
His mother's health is the only reason he left 'SC.
"I really enjoyed my time at USC but it's decision that I had to make and I made it," Isaac said.
And he'll never forget his teammates and friends out West.
"USC is a great school," Isaac said. "I had an opportunity to play as a freshman on a really good team and do some great things. It's just something that wasn't foreseen but it's a part of life. You make decisions and move forward."
He even wishes he could stay a Trojan.
"I really appreciate USC and the way they treat their players," Isaac said. "I wish it could've worked out because it's a great place. it's just one of those tough decisions but I felt I made the right one to be closer to my family."
Isaac is about to re-enter the recruiting process but he hasn't given much thought to which school could fit him.
"I haven't thought about schools yet," Isaac said. "I'm still thinking about who I'm interested in. I talked to my family here and there about it here and there. Obviously before you get released you can't talk to schools. Now that i am released, I'll let some schools know that I'm available and go from there."
The Trojans now have four tailbacks on the roster for the 2014 season.
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