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UCLA commit open to USC

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Dorian Thompson-Robinson could visit USC this summer
Dorian Thompson-Robinson could visit USC this summer (

After USC's coaching staff parted ways with Matt Corral and pursued other options, college football team across the conference, and in some regards, the country, have felt the impact.

USC has offered a scholarship to Jack Tuttle, a Utah commit who's a Southern California kid. Beyond that, has been able to confirm that Clay and Tyson Helton could be trying to raid the commitment lists of other schools. Fresno, Calif. quarterback and Tennessee commit Adrian Martinez is on that list. Bothell, Wash. quarterback and Washington commit Jacob Sirmon is on that list as well. Plus, North Carolina commit Tyler Shough told he was followed by a USC recruiter on Twitter.

All of these potential recruiting battles could become very intense. But nothing is more intense than when crosstown rivals battle for a special quarterback.

Enter Rivals100 prospect Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Thompson-Robinson is a budding superstar at Bishop Gorman HS in Las Vegas. His ranking on has Bruin fans salivating over the youngster's potential to turn UCLA's offense around.

But now, as USC has parted ways with Corral, Thompson-Robinson has emerged as a USC target. He's on that same list with Martinez and Sirmon as prospects that the Heltons have contacted. And a bitter crosstown battle for his letter of intent could ensue.

"Coach Clay Helton wanted me to go to the camp on Sunday," Thompson-Robinson told when asked about his contact with USC. "But they told me about it too late so I was like, nah, I can't make it. And then I had a couple words with the other Coach (Tyson) Helton. And we're just talking regular now, they haven't offered or anything."

But maybe that scholarship offer from USC is coming very soon.

"I kind of felt like if I would have gone to the camp this week, they would have just offered me at the camp," Thompson-Robinson said when asked about a USC offer. "That's just how I felt with Coach Helton hitting me up out of nowhere about the camp. But right now, since I'm not going to the camp, I kind of don't know. And just talking with both Coach Heltons, it doesn't really seem like it'll be soon. But it may come as a random surprise."

It would be hard to classify that surprise as a bad one. And after talking with Thompson-Robinson, it's clear a scholarship offer from USC would apparently mean something.

When asked if USC's renewed interest in him impacts anything he's done, Thompson-Robinson declares his loyalty to the Bruins.

"No not really, I'm a UCLA guy," Thompson-Robinson said when asked if USC's contact with him changes anything. "I've been there for a while now, so nothing has really changed."

All that being said, he's leaving a door open for USC.

"I don't know what's going to happen at UCLA after this year or whatever," Thompson-Robinson said. "So I'm going to definitely keep my options open just for anything that may happen in this upcoming year. Because they have had, what is it? Three or four different offensive coordinators every year so far. So I don't know what's going to happen with them or if Coach (Jim) Mora will leave or whatever it may be. So I definitely will keep my options open and hear what they have to say."

Thompson-Robinson confirms that at this moment, he's only considering UCLA and USC. And he's considering becoming a Trojan because he respects that program. He feels they're very much on par with the school he's committed to.

"It's basically like a UCLA just in different colors honestly," Thompson-Robinson said when asked why he was listening to USC. "And so that's pretty much the main reason. I can get the same stuff at USC that I can get at UCLA. So if something were to happen at UCLA, I can always just go over to SC and I'll get the same thing."

That's why he might just take a visit to see USC again.

"It's something I would have to talk to my mom with," Thompson-Robinson said. "I know we're planning on trying to go to the UCLA barbecue on July 30, or something like that. Depending on how we feel about it by then, we may swing by over there just because it's so close."

When pressed further about that campus visit, he said that USC trip could very well happen.

"It's definitely a possibly," Thompson-Robinson said.

A visit might not even matter. Thompson-Robinson has been on USC's campus before.

"I visited a couple times when I was younger," Thompson-Robinson said. "But it really wasn't like a visit just for me. It was more of I came just with a group of friends type of thing. But they were recruiting me here and there. I know (former USC tailbacks coach) Coach (Tommie) Robinson well. And the linebackers coach, I know him well too because he recruited EA (Palaie Gaoteote). So I've known him since my sophomore year."

It doesn't seem like he has much to learn about USC. But it appears that only time will tell where this all goes.

"I'm pretty familiar with the school and the program," Thompson-Robinson said of USC. "Right now I'm really firm with UCLA so I really don't know where they would stand . But I definitely would be open to what they have to say though."

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