TrojanSports - USC QB Caleb Williams makes appearance on Good Morning America
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USC QB Caleb Williams makes appearance on Good Morning America

The USC quarterback position has long brought a national spotlight, and that is no doubt the case again with high-profile sophomore Caleb Williams' arrival in Los Angeles.

Williams made a national television appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, where he talked about the reasons for his transfer from Oklahoma to USC.

"First, about 10 years ago my dad actually told me to make a list of schools that I wanted to go to. He said, one, you can't have Bama on there -- Alabama. So I ended up choosing schools like the West Coast schools out here, first was USC and dreams do come true," Williams said. "Next, it was, obviously I had coach [Lincoln] Riley and everybody else that came over from Oklahoma here, and that's a sense of comfort when you have people like that here that you've been around for at least a year and talked to for more years before that."

Williams was also asked if Name, Image, Likeness considerations factored into his decision to make the move to Los Angeles.

Since announcing his transfer, Williams has inked a reportedly-lucrative NIL deal with Beats among other partnerships. He teased another one during his GMA interview.

"A consideration, obviously you have to think about it because it is a part of college football -- not that big, not really big at all for me," he said. "I've been fortunate enough throughout my childhood to be in certain situations in my life, so no, it wasn't really that big for me. But I do get to do some cool partnerships, like I'm the Name and the Image for this new company called Action Water."

The rest of the interview conducted by Robin Roberts focused on Williams' affinity for painting his nails and his Caleb Cares Foundation.

"I haven't really been bullied, but I have seen it, I've stepped up for it. I don't really call it bullying because [painting my nails is] kind of what I want to do and I enjoy it and I don't really look at it like that. I do see it in other people's eyes and I kind of understand, but people have talked about my nails in negative ways. I don't really mind it, it doesn't really bother me or phase me," he said. "The foundation, I am looking forward to giving time, energy and more resources to bullying. I would say the reason why I'm attacking this problem is just because I don't think there's enough time, energy and resource into bullying."